Sunday, February 8, 2015

Are we having fun yet?

Legoland theme-park has very few Lego creatures. A staff member explained:

- It is a lot of work building them out of small bricks. 

That just sounds backwards. Building with Legos is fun, not work. How can that be?

For the folks working at the Legoland building from Legos is hard work. The resort operates by strict, unbending rules. Cheerful staff, while smiling and genuinely trying to be helpful, is going by a well-memorized script. Thinking on the job is discouraged, and absolutely no initiative or having fun is permitted. These guys look and act like well-behaved robots, which they are payed to be during the work hours. Robots do not have fun, no matter the activity. 

Most of us are not paid to build Legos, but a lot of our jobs can be no less fun and creative than putting little colorful bricks together. It is important to not let rules, scripts, and check-your-humanity-at-the-door culture ruin that fun.

Lego Bricks

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