Thursday, February 18, 2016

Following Plato Dialogues: conversation about estimates

-            So, why do we need estimates?

-          Well, as a customer, I want to have estimates.

-          Great! In what ways are estimates useful to you?

-          Say, I order from Amazon, and if my purchase does not arrive on the estimated day, I get to request a refund.

-          Huh, so you are rooting for the sender to fail, and that’s why you need estimates?

-          I guess so.

-          Any other reason to want estimates or tracking?

-          Well, if as a customer I was promised a certain delivery, and it is getting really close, but the work is less than half done, I can make a determination that I am not getting that delivery.

-          So, the reason you want estimates is to feel reassured that work is being done? To make you more comfortable with the delivery that you do not trust?

What are good and useful reasons to want estimates? 

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